The world is changing all around us. Values such as integrity, transparency and environmental responsibility are redefining the way business is conducted. In order to prosper, companies must look ahead, understand the trends and forces that are shaping the future, and prepare accordingly.

At INT Sourcing, we feel fortunate to be a part of this new business environment that conducts its affairs based on values and not just value. This "capitalism with a conscience" movement, which has found itself even in developing countries, promotes social and environmental responsibility as stable platforms and positive ROI. Countries that a few years back were blind to these responsibilities are now taking huge steps to standardize their controls and processes to not only meet the expectations of western buyers, but also to enact positive change for the greater good.

This proactive approach to business is directly affecting the quality of our products and services in a myriad of beneficial ways. INT Sourcing and the factories we work with have substantially increased both creativity and responsibility while positively affecting accuracy and efficiency. We proudly carry a deep responsibility to our clients, our planet and our people, and we are committed to taking great care of all.