INT Sourcing is an international purchasing company that understands the ever changing construction, design and purchasing industries, and brings that proprietary global knowledge to every one of our partner's projects. We work with the very best factories that enforce strict production standards to provide the highest quality products at the very best prices.

But what truly sets us apart form the competition is our uncanny knack for prioritizing the expectations of the developer, providing customized solutions to meet a project's unique challenges, and carefully managing the material needs throughout the entire process. From the initial step of sampling until the last fixture is installed, there are critical junctions and numerous occasions for errors. Completing this process seamlessly is the INT Sourcing difference.

At INT Sourcing, we succeed by:

  • Identifying key control points for each category, and following strict time management schedules.
  • Customizing solutions to meet a project's needs while following specifications, technical drawings and maintaining an overall consistency in the finishes.
  • Securing all logistics with no hidden costs.
  • Leveraging our solid relationships abroad to deliver custom solutions at an incredible value.
  • Carrying NO inventory to control overall fixed costs, and forwarding the savings onto our customers.

  • Our extensive knowledge in logistics has proven to save money and time for our customers. We coordinate deliveries with contractors or any point of contact to ensure an easy, hassle free process. We have protocols in place that reduce major costs by either consolidating shipments per project schedules, or organizing containers per specification as a "room unit" as needed.

    The bottom line is that our team at INT Sourcing takes great pride in, and personal responsibility for every aspect of a project, and we guarantee that every project will be successfully executed.