Aytan Litwin

Founder & President

Aytan Litwin has been globally connected for most of his life. Born in the USA to an international academic family, Aytan spent his formative years globetrotting between Berkley, California and Israel. This worldwide exposure fueled Aytan's passion for travel, which led to his exploration of developing countries with extensive travel throughout Asia. It was clear early on that his future would be directly involved with international business.

After some initial hard knocks, he started importing furniture and decorative products from Bali and India. The success of this first endeavor created the opportunity to delve deeper into the Asian market, this time focusing on Vietnam and China. What these initial years in international business taught Aytan was the value of communication. He immersed himself in the cultures of the countries he worked in and took the time to get to know people. The lasting friendships with local business people ultimately built trust—a key factor in his success.

After several years in Asia, Aytan returned to the west coast of the United States. He started his first North American based business importing handmade artwork and beautifully crafted frames. He once again utilized his strong connection with Asian manufacturers to deliver high quality products at a great value. Eventually, the wholesale and hospitality industries noticed, creating a new demand. To fill the need, INT Sourcing was established, offering international savvy, interpersonal communication and intelligent purchasing to the hospitality and multifamily markets.

Aytan's passion for his business ensures that INT Sourcing will always meet the high demand for quality, value and execution that customers expect and deserve.


Project Analyst

Miles Zhao joined INT-Sourcing in February 2007 as the project analyst. His quantitative financial analyzing skills and comprehensive understanding of the oriental supply market ensure INT Sourcing will supply the finest products at the most competitive costs. Mr. Zhao started his career in the financial industry as an internal auditor at the Bank of China and Canton Development Securities. Prior to joining INT Sourcing, he worked for several oriental export-concentrated companies in the furniture and air conditioning industries.

Mr. Zhao is a Certified Purchasing Manager by the Institute of Supply Management. He received his education in Asia, Europe and United States. He holds the Bachelor's Degree in Finance from the East China University of Science and Technology. Then enrolled in the Master of Science program studying International Finance at the University of Southampton, U.K. He received the Master of Science Degree in Economics at from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Mr. Zhao's most recent projects include:

  • Peppermill Casino Y Tower Guestroom Renovation, Reno, NV
  • Western Village Casino Guestroom Renovation, Sparks, NV
  • Hotel Sierra Guestroom Furnishing, San Jose, CA
  • El Dorado Casino Guestroom Furnishing, Shreveport, LA
  • Peppermill Casino East Tower Expansion, Reno, NV
  • El Dorado Casino Restaurant Renovation, Reno, NV
  • Montego Bay Casino Guestroom Renovation, Wendover, UT
  • Villa Royal Resort Furnishing, Mesa, AZ


    Junlei du, She came to US from China to pursue her master degree in Finance in University of Nevada, Reno in 2007. She joined INT Sourcing as project manager after her graduation in 2010. Her six years experience in international business prior to INT Sourcing Inc brings her unique perspective to our company. She had served as developer in Adidas group prior to INT Sourcing Inc. She was responsible for process and direct orders in an accurate and timely fashion in accordance with deadlines and requirement, which involves communications and confirmation between customers and manufactures for resolutions. She has a good understanding of the importance of project schedule and is accustomed to work under to working with multiple trades. Her attention to details, communication skills and excellent sourcing ability made an asset to the team.